ESCONDIDO - The Ghost of Escondido

"One of the rare alt-country crossover acts with highbrow cred" - Vogue

"I was listening to the radio, KCRW, and Escondido were playing and i heard this and I just love it, it went right in me." - David Lynch

“Escondido the band is steeped in Southwest fantasia, with swirling trumpets, guitar twang, acoustic guitars and slow-motion reverb. Escondido’s debut album, “The Ghost of Escondido” stands on the strength of its songwriting” Chicago Sun-Times

“Surely one of the most striking albums of the year… Escondido’s debut sets a bar that may be prove hard to best.  Imagine X, Heart, and Nick Cave sitting around a campfire exchanging tales of desire and despair” – No Depression